BIO-SUSHY Internal Workshop on Safe-and Sustainable by Design (SSbD)

The BIO-SUSHY project recently conducted an insightful internal workshop focused on the Safe-and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) framework. This workshop, a collaborative effort by our partners Materia Nova, Wood K Plus, ITENE, and the University of Leeds, provided a learning opportunities for partners on the SSbD framework in developing PFA-free alternatives and bio-based coatings.

The workshop primarily revolved around the 5-step methodology integral to the SSbD framework, which is crucial for ensuring the safety and sustainability of the BIO-SUSHY project’s innovative bio-based coatings. The steps include:

  1. Hazard Assessment of Chemical/Material
  2. Human Health and Safety Aspects in Production
  3. Human Health and Environmental Aspects in the Final Application Phase
  4. Environmental Sustainability Assessment
  5. Social and Economic Sustainability Assessment


Experts from ITENE, the University of Leeds, Materia Nova, and Wood K Plus elaborated on these steps, providing in-depth insights into each phase of the SSbD framework. The interactive session allowed participants to engage with the material, ask pertinent questions, and discuss the implications of each step.


Significance of SSbD in BIO-SUSHY

The SSbD framework is a key aspect of the BIO-SUSHY project, guiding the development of safe, sustainable, and innovative bio-based coatings. This methodology ensures that our products not only meet high safety standards but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability and social well-being.

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