BIO-SUSHY M12 Meeting

On Friday, January 26th, after the first review meeting of the project, the BIO-SUSHY partners continued their internal discussion for the general assembly marking the M12 (month 12) meeting.

This second day at the premises of our partner Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Bologna, Italy), was focused on the three case studies involved in the project.

As the project covers the entire value chain of the coating development, from design to manufacture and validation, all the partners contributed to each case study of the project, such as the food tray, the textile, and the cosmetic glass packaging.

The discussion focused on the most recent achievements, current strategies, and opportunities for growth within each case study and each specific activity, ranging from computational tools, formulation, coating development, exploitation, and standardization.

Overall, the twelfth-month meeting of the BIO-SUSHY project was a productive and collaborative event. It provided an opportunity for the Consortium to share updates and discuss challenges to overcome.


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