BIO-SUSHY Partners at the NNI Nanoinformatics Conference

Our BIO-SUSHY partners, ACUMENIST and SEVENPASTNINE (7P9), participated at the recent Nanoinformatics Conference by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) on November 15-17, in Washington DC (USA).

Dr. Thomas Exner from SEVENPASTNINE (7P9), the leader of WP3 in BIO-SUSHY, presented a talk titled “FAIR Data Standards for Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.” This presentation highlighted the crucial role of data standards in nanoinformatics and their direct relevance to the SSbD approach within the BIO-SUSHY project.

Overall, the conference explored nanoinformatics’ impact on various disciplines, from biomedicine to environmental sustainability. It provided a platform for interdisciplinary connections and addressed challenges in leveraging nanoscale data.

For more information about the NNI Nanoinformatics conference, please visit the event website.

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