BIO-SUSHY Project Meeting: Month 6

The BIO-SUSHY project held its sixth-month meeting on July 4 in an online format. The meeting brought together the project partners involved in different work packages to discuss the project’s progress and achievements.

The meeting commenced with a project introduction by the Coordinator (M. Poelman, Materia Nova), who pitched an overview of the BIO-SUSHY project to the External Advisory Board present at the meeting.

The meeting then progressed with updates from the leaders of different work packages. Each work package leader presented the progress, challenges faced, and future plans for their respective areas. The discussions covered a wide range of topics related to the project’s different aspects, including specifications and social acceptance, the development of novel coating materials, computational tools, and the safe and sustainable design (SSbD) framework. These updates allowed the participants to gain insights into the progress made and identify potential collaboration and support areas.

Another significant session focused on measures to maximize the impact of the BIO-SUSHY project, while in the afternoon, work package and task leaders from WP2, WP3, and WP4 delved into specific technical aspects of their tasks. They shared insights, findings, and challenges related to the research and innovation activities, computational tools, and the SSbD aspects of the project.

The meeting concluded with a session on scientific coordination and project management.

Overall, the sixth-month meeting of the BIO-SUSHY project was a productive and collaborative event. It provided an opportunity for the Consortium to share updates, discuss challenges, and identify opportunities for collaboration. The meeting highlighted the dedication and expertise of the project’s participants and showcased the progress made.

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