BIO-SUSHY Project Showcased at Life Cycle Innovation Conference in Berlin

Benjamine Belloncle from Materia Nova represented the BIO-SUSHY project at the 4th Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC 2024) in Berlin. This event brought together around 200 experts from academia, industry, and policy-making to discuss sustainable product design.

Belloncle’s presentation, titled “Life Cycle Assessment of BIO-SUSHY Horizon Europe project”, focused on the BIO-SUSHY project’s Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) methodology, particularly its 4th step: assessing environmental impacts across the product life cycle. She shared early Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results for innovative coatings intended to replace harmful PFAS in textiles, food packaging, and glass (cosmetic packaging).

Importance for BIO-SUSHY:

In BIO-SUSHY, we aim to mitigate the health and environmental risks associated with PFAS by developing safer and more sustainable coatings. These innovative solutions are expected to reduce environmental impact by 25%, aligning with the EU’s chemical strategy for a toxic-free environment.

To learn more about our progress and delve into the details, download the presentation here.


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