BIO-SUSHY Project Stands Out at MaterialsWeek 2024 with High Representation and Award

The BIO-SUSHY project made an impact at the MaterialsWeek 2024 conference, held in Limassol, Cyprus, from June 18th to June 21st. The conference gathered leading experts and innovators in materials science, providing a platform for discussing the latest advancements and fostering collaborations.

The Conference

MaterialsWeek 2024 focused on the theme of advancing materials science through innovation and sustainable practices. The event spanned four days, featuring keynote speeches, technical sessions, and an exhibition showcasing cutting-edge research and development in materials science. Participants from academia, industry, and government agencies gathered to exchange ideas, present their findings, and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

BIO-SUSHY Project’s Participation

The BIO-SUSHY project was prominently represented at the conference, highlighting its contributions to sustainable materials development. The BIO-SUSHY booth was a hub of activity, offering informative flyers and engaging with attendees interested in the project’s innovative approaches to creating safe and sustainable bio-based coatings.

The project featured four compelling presentations, demonstrating the depth and breadth of research conducted by the consortium’s experts:

  1. Dr. José Luis Vallés-Pardo (ProtoQSAR) delivered a presentation on June 19th titled “Database Generation Workflow for Supporting SSbD Risk Assessments.”

His talk emphasized the importance of robust database workflows in assessing the safety and sustainability of new materials. This presentation was particularly notable as it earned the “Data & Tool FAIRness Competition & Award” from the PARC project. This award recognizes outstanding efforts in implementing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles in data management, highlighting the project’s commitment to transparency and accessibility in scientific research.

  1. Dr. Thomas Exner (7P9) also presented on June 19th, with his talk “How Can We Unambiguously Refer to Materials and Their Corresponding Data?
  1. Dr. Andrea Lorenzoni (CNR) spoke on June 20th on “Advancing Materials Development through Multiscale Modelling and Data-Driven Approaches in the Safe and Sustainable by Design Framework.” His presentation showcased the project’s methodologies in integrating multiscale modelling with data-driven approaches to promote safe and sustainable material design.
  1. Dr. Jesse de Pagter (ZSI) presented on June 20th on the topic “Sustainable Value Chains in an Emergent Context: The Case of BIO-SUSHY Coatings.” His talk focused on the practical applications and implications of BIO-SUSHY’s research in creating sustainable value chains for bio-based coatings.

The BIO-SUSHY project’s presence at MaterialsWeek 2024 not only showcased its innovative research and achievements but also reinforced its role as a leader in the development of sustainable materials. The consortium’s active participation and the recognition received highlight the project’s commitment to advancing safe and sustainable practices in materials science.


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