Internal workshop on Exploitation & IPR by AXIA Innovation

On May 24th, AXIA Innovation (Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation leader) conducted an internal workshop to enhance the project partners’ exploitation and intellectual property rights (IPR) strategies. The workshop, part of the BIO-SUSHY Exploitation Plan, focused on identifying Key Exploitable Results (KERs) to maximize their value and impact.

On May 24th, the BIO-SUSHY project partners recently participated in an internal workshop conducted by AXIA Innovation. The workshop focused on Exploitation & IPR, guiding us in identifying Key Exploitable Results (KERs) of significant value and impact.

Divided into two parts, the workshop covered the Plan for Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication (PDEC) in Part I, while Part II involved a practical exercise in prioritizing KERs.

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