ProtoQSAR Hosts Internal Seminar on QSAR Model

ProtoQSAR, a valued partner of the BIO-SUSHY project, conducted an informative and engaging internal seminar on June 14th, centered around the topic of QSAR modeling. QSAR, an acronym for Quantitative Structural Activity Relationship, plays a crucial role in understanding the relationship between chemical structures and their biological activities.

The workshop, led by Senior Researcher Dr. José Luis Vallés Pardo, aimed to provide the fundamentals of QSAR modeling and highlight its significance within the regulatory framework.

The session covered various key aspects, including an introduction to QSAR models, the necessity of employing QSAR models, the QSAR workflow, the innovative ProtoPRED platform developed by ProtoQSAR, and the importance of the QSAR Model Report Format (QMRF).

The seminar provided an excellent opportunity for BIO-SUSHY project partners to deepen their understanding of QSAR. ProtoQSAR primary role in the BIO-SUSHY project involves utilizing their models to address the gaps in the BIO-SUSHY database. These efforts primarily focus on fulfilling the regulatory agencies’ requirements, such as those outlined by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals).

As the BIO-SUSHY project continues to progress, the insights gained from the session will contribute to the project’s success. ProtoQSAR expertise and dedication to advancing QSAR modeling techniques serve as valuable assets in achieving the project’s goals and delivering impactful results in improving chemical safety and regulatory compliance.

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