Our Team & the project's expertise

Materia Nova is the coordinating partner. Materia Nova is a R&D centre dedicated to the development of innovative materials and processes.
Main tasks in the project will be the development of hydrophobic / oleophobic coatings using hybrid organic (bio-based) / inorganic sol-gel processes, performing life cycle assessment and life cycle costing as part of the SSbD strategy.

Along with Materia Nova, Acumenist will align the project with other relevant projects and provide a secretariat for the project.

AXIA Innovation is a business consulting company that provides services for Innovation Management, Technology Transfer as well as Marketing tools for companies and organizations, helping them to speed up the market uptake of their novel outputs. The goal of consultancy services is to provide expert guidance, advice, and strategic support to partners in utilising research results for their specific needs and ambitions.

AXIA leads dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities of BIO-SUSHY to develop a strong plan for the uptake of results, technology transfer and business strategies. AXIA’s specialized expertise will assist the partners to navigate challenges, mitigating risks, and optimising the exploitation process. Custom solutions will allow partners to make informed decisions, maximise the value of research results, and achieve their desired outcomes effectively.

The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) is Italy’s National Research Council, a public research organization that conducts scientific research across various fields.

CNR will contribute to BIO-SUSHY with expertise on multi-scale and data-driven high-performance simulations of organic and hybrid interfaces.

Ecozema is an Italian company that specializes in sustainable household products.

Ecozema will define the requirements of the application on cellulosic materials for food packaging, participate in testing the laboratory-applied products and apply the selected coatings at pilot/industrial scale, which might include the development of the application parameters and checking compatibility with thermoforming.

IFTH (Institut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement) stands for the French Institute of Textile and Apparel and is the French technical centre for the fashion, textile and clothing sectors that aims to support innovation and to promote the textile and clothing industry in France and abroad.

IFTH will develop PFAS-free functional coatings using sol-gel chemistry and will be involved in supporting textile standardisation and certification programme.

ITENE (The Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research and Development Institute) is a research and development centre specialized in the packaging, transport and logistics industry.

ITENE will contribute to BIO-SUSHY in developing the SSBD strategies of the coatings.

ProtoQSAR is a company based in Valencia (Spain) that develops and applies computational methods to evaluate the properties of chemicals, including their physicochemical, biological and (eco)toxicological effects; as well as works in the optimization of molecules through molecular modelling and other computational tools.

ProtoQSAR will contribute to the creation and population of the BIO-SUSHY datalake and, also, provide in-house QSAR models for properties prediction.

RESCOLL is a private technology service company, which belongs to APPLUS + Laboratories group, that offers industrial research solutions on coating and adhesives and testing of polymer materials for a wide range of industries.

RESCOLL will develop functional coatings using sol-gel chemistry and will run all the required physico-chemical analysis of the developed products. This coating development will be focused on textile application.

Seven Past Nine (7P9) is a company that specialises in data stewardship and solutions for the life sciences industry.

7P9 strives to make research outputs accessible, user-friendly, and scalable, empowering organisations to utilise advanced computational capabilities effectively.

7P9 will provide expertise in designing (meta)data formats, data warehouse development, and web application development with a focus on research in the areas of life science, toxicology, chem-, bio- and nanoinformatics.

SiKÉMIA is a French SME specialised in the tailor-made design, synthesis and scale-up of linkers, coupling agents, and functional additives.

SiKÉMIA will set up organic synthesis routes starting as much as possible from biobased molecules to obtain fluorine-free components, used by the formulators of BIO-SUSHY consortium as additives to provide water repellence and improve curing rate or adhesion.

UNE (National Standardization Body of Spain) is a National Standards Body in Spain, responsible for the standardization and certification in the Spanish market. Standardization organisations work to develop consensus-based technical standards that ensure interoperability, compatibility, and quality in products, processes, and services. These standards provide a common framework for industry players to follow, promoting harmonisation, innovation, and market growth.

UNE is responsible for advising, managing, and developing all activities related to standardisation. UNE also contributes to the successful exploitation of research results by providing clear guidelines, promoting trust, and fostering a conducive ecosystem for safeguarding innovation and technology transfer.

The University of Leeds is a public research university in Leeds, UK.

The University of Leeds will screen the coatings developed and use the screening results to modify coating design.

Wood K plus is a research organisation based in Austria specialised in the area of wood and wood-related renewable resources in Europe. Core competences are materials research and process technology along the complete value chain – from raw material to finished products.

Within BIO-SUSHY project Wood K plus is responsible for powder coatings formulation development based on bio-based thermoplastic matrices which will be developed and adopted for electrostatic spraying and scattering coating technologies being applied as water repellent and grease resistance coating on paper-based substrates for take away food packaging in close cooperation with an end user ECOZEMA.

The team Sustainable Innovation and Impact Analysis (SIIA) of Wood K plus will further contribute to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) particularly focusing on Social Life Cycle Assessment (s-LCA) in close cooperation with Materia Nova.

ZSI, or the Centre for Social Innovation, is an Austrian research institute that focuses on the social, economic, and ecological aspects of innovation.

ZSI will lead the work on the social acceptance dimension and will provide a socio-technical perspective on embedding the novel coating approaches in current practices.