Our Team & the Project's Expertise

Materia Nova is the coordinator of the BIO-SUSHY project.

Materia Nova is a Belgian research and technology organization that focuses on developing and promoting advanced materials and technologies for various applications.

Within BIO-SUSHY, besides being the work package leader on Scientific Coordination and Project Management (WP6), Materia Nova will develop hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings using bio-based hybrid organic and inorganic sol-gel processes, contribute to the life cycle assessment (LCA), circularity, and end of life (EoL) solutions.

Mireille Poelman
Mireille is the project coordinator.

Sabine Bouchez
Sabine assists in the coordination and communication of the project.

Eric Khousakoun
Eric is a researcher in coatings.

Benjamine Belloncle
Benjamine is a researcher in life cycle assessment (LCA).

Anne-Laure Dechief
Anne-Laure is a research assistant in coatings.

AcumenIST is a concept consultancy initiative provided by experienced business leaders with a pronounced track record in both scientific research, development and innovation, as well as in public and regulatory affairs.

AcumenIST combines strong professional skills in the stewardship of emerging technologies along their value chains with established track records in both entrepreneurship, business development and policy making; it supports both the private and the public sector through technology-specific expertise, including (but not limited to) the following activities:

  • Technology and market analysis of all areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and converging technologies
  • Statistical and economic analyses and impact assessments
  • Conceptualisation and conduct of (innovative) technology assessment, technology foresight and policy assessment exercises, including participatory (stakeholder engagement) exercises
  • Business development (including both project participation and private contracting)
  • R&D vision setting, strategy development and implementation monitoring
  • General consultancy services regarding IP registration/licensing, product development, due diligence, commercialisation, standardisation, and regulatory and public affairs
  • Network-building and –support
  • Project management

In the first five years since its inception in 2018, AcumenIST has provided the above-mentioned services to over a dozen private and public (including governmental) clients from over ten countries across Europe, and partnered in and/or (co-)coordinated eight EU-funded projects.

Role in BIO-SUSHY:
AIST has a strong track record in materials-science and R&I-management, public and regulatory affairs, harmonisation & standardisation, and policy-assessment/-development, and provides the Project with alignment other relevant projects and the Bio-SUSHY EAB with a secretariat.

Dr. Steffi Friedrichs
Steffi is dedicated to interlinking safety, sustainability, and functionality throughout the entire materials value chain with the support of digital technologies.

AXIA Innovation GmbH is a German business consulting company that provides services for innovation management, technology transfer, and marketing tools for companies and organizations, helping them speed up the market uptake of their novel outputs.

The consultancy services aim to provide expert guidance, advice, and strategic support to partners in utilising research results for their specific needs and ambitions.

AXIA leads dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities of BIO-SUSHY (WP5) to develop a firm plan for the uptake of results, technology transfer, and business strategies. AXIA’s specialized expertise will assist the partners in navigating challenges, mitigating risks, and optimising the exploitation process. Custom solutions will allow partners to make informed decisions, maximise the value of research results, and achieve their desired outcomes effectively.

Raquel Moreno
Raquel is a project manager and innovation consultant at AXIA.
She holds an honors degree BSc in Agricultural Engineering and an MSc in Forestry from the Valencia Polytechnical University (Spain).
In BIO-SUSHY, Raquel is responsible for the exploitation strategy, innovation management, and business plan activities.

Dr. Michele Ponzelli
Michele is a research and innovation project manager at AXIA.
He became familiar with persistent organic pollutants during his European Joint Doctorate in water treatment.

In BIO-SUSHY, Michele is helping in the dissemination of the project by:

  • Creating easy-to-digest scientific content
  • Managing the website and social media channels
  • Designing communication materials like videos, newsletters, and posts.

The CNR is Italy’s National Research Council, a public organization conducting scientific research across various fields.

It aims to promote scientific progress in Italy and contribute to its development. It has research institutes across Italy and collaborates with universities and other research institutions. CNR will contribute to BIO-SUSHY with expertise in multi-scale and data-driven high-performance simulations of organic and hybrid interfaces.

Francesco Mercuri
Francesco is a team leader and senior researcher at CNR. He is the Principal Investigator of the CNR unit.
In BIO-SUSHY, Francesco aims to integrate physical models within a data-centric platform and make the platform work.
Francesco believes the BIO-SUSHY project has two strong components: a data-centric approach integration concept and a strong match between innovative research and the specific needs of applications and end-users concerning PFAS replacement.

Andrea Lorenzoni
Andrea is a researcher with expertise in multiscale modelling, nanomaterials and risk assessment.

Ecozema is an Italian company that specializes in sustainable household products.

Within BIO-SUSHY, Ecozema will define the requirements of the application on cellulosic materials for food packaging, participate in evaluating the laboratory-applied products, and apply the selected coatings at pilot/industrial scale, which might include the development of the application parameters and checking compatibility with thermoforming.

Antonio Munarini

Demetra Verde

IFTH stands for the French Institute of Textile and Apparel and is the French technical centre for the fashion, textile, and clothing sectors that aims to support innovation and promote the textile and clothing industry in France and abroad.

In BIO-SUSHY, IFTH will develop PFAS-free functional coatings using sol-gel chemistry and support the textile standardisation and certification programme.

Coralie Sevrin
Coralie is a project manager, and she has a specialization in sol-gel formulation for the functionalisation of textiles. In BIO-SUSHY, she works on coordinating the IFTH work and developing the hydrophobic formulations. Her goal is to find industrial eco-friendly alternatives to PFAS coatings in textile applications.

Alexa Revouy and Christine Darroux
Alexa and Christine are the technicians in charge of the laboratory trials.

ITENE (The Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research and Development Institute) is a research and development centre specialized in the packaging, transport, and logistics industry

They work with companies and organizations in various sectors to improve their competitiveness, production quality, and logistics efficiency.

In BIO-SUSHY, ITENE will contribute to the development of SSbD strategies for coatings. ITENE will lead the definition of an SSbD framework applied to advanced coating materials, which will provide guidance on SSbD approaches and techniques along their value chain, including aspects of circularity and functionality, to reduce or mitigate potential adverse effects to humans or the environment from the earliest stages. The feasibility of strategies will be demonstrated in close collaboration with consortium members and optimised through case studies.

Arantxa Ballesteros
Arantxa is the head of the Processes and Products Safety Unit of ITENE.
In BIO-SUSHY, her goal is to ensure sustainability and safety at the European level, using the SSbD strategies to reduce the presence of PFAS in new coatings.
Arantxa aims to find functional coating alternatives that pose less risk to human and environmental health.

Elena Barbero
Elena is a project specialist within the Processes and Products Safety Unit of ITENE. In BIO SUSHY, her role is to assess the materials and products developed to ensure compliance with the established SSbD framework. Elena aims to contribute to the design of safer and more sustainable nanomaterials and functional coatings.

Javier Alcodori
Javier works as a project specialist within the Processes and Products Safety Unit of ITENE. In BIO SUSHY, he is mainly dedicated to assessing the materials and products developed to ensure compliance with the established SSbD framework. Throughout the project, Javier aims to evaluate the formulations and coatings developed in the project to ensure that they are safe and sustainable.

ProtoQSAR is a company based in Valencia (Spain) that develops and applies computational methods to evaluate the properties of chemicals.

ProtoQSAR helps clients comply with European regulations related to the registration and labelling of compounds, such as REACH, CLP, and cosmetics. They work on various projects in the pharmacy, veterinary, cosmetic, agrochemical, and functional food industries.

In BIO-SUSHY, ProtoQSAR will create in silico models for predicting the toxicity of the novel, innovative PFAS-free materials with inherently surface-active functions developed during the project. Moreover, they will contribute to the creation and population of the BIO-SUSHY data lake and provide in-house QSAR models for property prediction.

Rafael Gozalbes
As the company’s CEO, Rafael’s primary responsibility is to oversee and control all aspects of the project. This includes ensuring the project remains on track, adheres to established timelines, and meets its goals and objectives. He works closely with the project team to provide strategic guidance and support to drive the project’s success.

José Vincente Tarazona
As a Project Manager at ProtoQSAR, José is the person responsible for overseeing the economic aspects of the BIO-SUSHY Project. His role is pivotal in ensuring the financial health and sustainability of the project. His tasks include managing and controlling all financial resources and budgets associated with the project.

Eva Serrano-Candelas
In her role as the CTO at ProtoQSAR, Eva is responsible for supervising and controlling all technical aspects related to the BIO-SUSHY project. She oversees the technical team to ensure they work cohesively toward achieving the project’s scientific and technological goals.

Simón Perera del Rosario
As the Business Development Manager at ProtoQSAR, Simón’s primary responsibility is to identify growth opportunities and foster strategic relationships for the benefit of our organization, particularly in the context of the BIO-SUSHY project. His core objective is to explore new avenues for business expansion and revenue generation related to the project. This includes identifying potential partners, clients, and collaborators that align with the project’s goals and can contribute to its success.

José Luis Vallés Pardo
In his role as Senior Researcher at ProtoQSAR, José Luis is entrusted with the responsibility of executing the different project tasks within BIO-SUSHY. My primary objective is to apply my scientific expertise in computational chemistry to carry out the research and activities necessary for the successful completion of the project.

Laureano E. Carpio
Laureano is the Head of the Communication Department at ProtoQSAR.  In his role within the BIO-SUSHY project, he is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all communication and dissemination efforts related to the project. His primary objective is to ensure that the company effectively communicates its contributions, findings, and project progress to the internal team and the project collaborators.

RESCOLL is a private technology service company that belongs to the APPLUS + Laboratories group, offering industrial research solutions on coating and adhesives and polymer materials testing for various industries.

RESCOLL will develop functional coatings using sol-gel chemistry and run the required physico-chemical analysis of the developed products for textile application.

In BIO-SUSHY, RESCOLL is the leader of WP2 on the SSbD-driven development of novel coating materials. The RESCOLL Team has already studied textiles, and through the BIO-SUSHY project, they aim to strengthen their skills in this area.

For RESCOLL, the BIO-SUSHY project represents a great opportunity as it combines experiments, data management, modelling, the study of toxicology, and the principles of SSbD. All these areas are complementary and will allow a more efficient and safe development of the coating materials.

Cécile Dulucq
Cécile manages the technical aspects of the coating development.

Margaux Gonçalves
Margaux performs the lab experiments.

Florent Deliane
Florent is the WP2 leader and coordinates the whole work package.

Seven Past Nine (7P9) is a company that specialises in data stewardship and solutions for the life sciences industry. 7P9 strives to make research outputs accessible, user-friendly, and scalable, empowering organisations to utilise advanced computational capabilities effectively.

7P9 is the leader of the WP3: Computational Tools for the SSbD of Coating Materials, sitting in the centre of the project organising the documentation of the developments of BIO-SUSHY Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) coatings in the three use cases as well as the harmonised information and data sharing between partners, work packages, and use cases. This started in the first minute of the project by giving the use-case leaders the possibility to structure the needed work in the form of visualisations of the experimental workflows in instance maps and is now continuing by matching data needs with data provision through automatic workflows.

MSc Joh Dokler
Joh is a founding partner and the CEO/CTO at 7P9. Mr. Dokler started working with Web technologies in the early 1990s at the Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since then, he has completed over one hundred commercial, academic, and government web and data management projects. He combines his software development skills with his expertise as an information architect to develop sound, solid, and data-driven web solutions.

Maja Brajnik
Maja is a founding partner and an Information Architect and User Interface Designer. She has extensive web development experience, having worked on more than 150 projects for clients in various fields: research, education, government, industry, and culture. The focus of her work is the design and development of user-centric and user-friendly user interfaces that offer excellent user experience.

Dr. Thomas Exner
Thomas is a founding partner and senior scientist. He is responsible for the scientific planning and execution of different publicly funded projects in data management and integrated testing strategy development for risk/safety assessment of chemicals, drugs, and nanomaterials. He is the data shepherd in BIO-SUSHY, helping the partners to organise, document, and share their data.

SiKÉMIA is a French SME specialised in the tailor-made synthesis and and functional additives.

SiKÉMIA will set up organic synthesis routes to obtain, on the one hand, biobased precursors to replace petrol-based ones in the formulation without modification of the performance of the coating. On the other hand, fluorine-free components as functional additives or hydrophobized particles used by the formulators of the BIO-SUSHY consortium to provide water repellence. 

Aude Mezy
Aude is the project manager of the BIO-SUSHY project for SiKÉMIA. She coordinates the research work.

Guillaume Gracy
In the Bio-SUSHY project Guillaume is the chemist in charge of the synthesis of the hydrophobic agents and functional additives for the replacement of PFAs into the coatings.

Adeline Garcia
In the BIO-SUSHY project, Adeline is the chemist in charge of the synthesis of the biobased precursors to incorporate into the formulation

Celine Schmitt
Céline is a project manager at SiKEMIA. In the BIO-SUSHY project, she assists in coordinating the project and is in charge of the surface functionalization.

UNE (National Standardization Body of Spain) is a National Standards Body in Spain responsible for the standardization and certification in the Spanish market.

Standardization organisations work to develop consensus-based technical standards that ensure interoperability, compatibility, and quality in products, processes, and services. These standards provide a common framework for industry players, promoting harmonisation, innovation, and market growth.

In BIO-SUSHY, UNE is responsible for advising, managing, and developing all activities related to standardisation. UNE also contributes to the successful exploitation of research results by providing clear guidelines, promoting trust, and fostering a conducive ecosystem for safeguarding innovation and technology transfer.

Javier Idiago Lopez
Javier has a PhD in bio-nanotechnology at the University of Zaragoza (Spain).
At UNE, he works as a project manager in research and innovation.
His role within BIO-SUSHY is to favour the development of new standards based on the project’s outcome. In that way, UNE aims to increase the impact of BIO-SUSHY.

The University of Leeds is a public research university in Leeds, UK.

Their role in the project is to screen the coatings developed and use the screening results to modify the coating design.

Prof. Andrew L. Nelson
Andrew’s expertise lies in electrochemical membrane-based biosensors.
In BIO-SUSHY, Andrew focuses on providing a preliminary screening of all the novel coatings and their formulations developed during the project.
Andrew’s passion is centred on developing structure-activity profiles for coatings, specifically focusing on their interaction with bio-membranes and their formulation.

Wood K Plus is a research organisation based in Austria specialised in wood and wood-related renewable resources in Europe.

Core competencies are materials research and process technology along the complete value chain – from raw materials to finished products.

Within the BIO-SUSHY project, Wood K plus is responsible for powder coatings formulation development based on bio-based thermoplastic matrices, which will be developed and adopted for electrostatic spraying and scattering coating technologies being applied as water repellent and grease resistance coating on paper-based substrates for take away food packaging in close cooperation with an end-user Ecozema.

The team Sustainable Innovation and Impact Analysis (SIIA) of Wood K Plus will further contribute to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), mainly focusing on Social Life Cycle Assessment (s-LCA) in close cooperation with Materia Nova.

Ivana Burzic
Ivana has long experience researching thermoplastic-based materials/formulation development and their adoption for different polymer processing technologies. She is a project manager in the Bio-based Composites and Processes (BCP) group, in close cooperation with Christoph Jocham group. Both Wood K plus groups are developing safe and sustainable thermoplastic powder coating formulations with improved End-of-Life and recycling for the packaging value chain.

Christoph Jocham
At Wood K plus, Christoph is the leader of the Coating Technologies team. Christoph has long experience developing different thermoset and thermoplastic coating formulations, their adjustment for other coating technologies for paper substrates, furniture, and interior applications, and their functionalisation.

ZSI, or the Centre for Social Innovation, is an Austrian research institute focusing on innovation’s social, economic, and ecological aspects.

In BIO-SUSHY, ZSI is the leader of WP1, focused on the social acceptance dimension. ZSI will provide a socio-technical perspective on embedding the novel coating approaches in current practices.

Stefan Philipp
Stefan studies the dynamics on the intersection of innovation, society, and policy and supports stakeholders in navigating the tensions arising from change processes.

Jesse de Pagter
Jesse has a background in history, philosophy, and sociology and is interested in the ethical and sustainable development of new technologies. From this perspective, he analyses the BIO-SUSHY value chain, with a focus on the implementation of PFAS-free coatings in their broader socioeconomic context.