Wood K Plus Presents BIO-SUSHY at 3rd International Circular Packaging Conference

On October 20, 2023, Wood K Plus presented at the 3rd International Circular Packaging Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The presentation, within the Paper Coatings, Biocomposites and Surface Enhancement section, was titled “BIO-SUSHY PFAS free solution with a special emphasis on thermoplastic-based powders designed for food packaging applications”.

This conference, organized by the Pulp and Paper Institute, Ljubljana, and the Faculty of Polymer Technology, Slovenj Gradec, brought together various stakeholders from academia, industry, and design studios, all committed to the transition from linear to circular packaging supply chains.

The event featured insightful presentations, practical case studies, and collaborative workshops designed to foster partnerships between academia and industry. Key topics included the circular economy, innovative bio-based materials, sustainable packaging design, supply chain enhancements, consumer behavior, life cycle analysis, and waste management.

Wood K Plus, along with Ecozema, continues to lead in developing sustainable packaging solutions without harmful chemicals used for repellency properties (PFAS), contributing to an eco-friendlier future in the packaging industry.

For more information about the event, please visit the website.

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